16 perfect mermaid gifts to scale new heights in friendship (or love).


Whether it is because of the care free, I don’t need no land attitude or the constant, perfect beach hair – it is a known fact that Mermaids are trending right now.

Here are the top 16 things that any mermaid lover will need to have  in their life right now:

  1. This perfect ‘shell-we-dance’ necklace that I am pretty sure will be on Ariel’s ( or Eric’s) need to buy list.


Price:  $89

Where to buy: lalunarose.com

2. All potential mermaids need memaid brushes and a matching bag. It is a known fact.


Price: $130.22

Where to buy: Spectrum Collections

3. Once you have had a swim and flauted your style, your mermaid lover will need to sunbath on this awesome ‘shit yeah mermaid hair towel’.


Price: $29.99

Where to buy: Cotton On

4. Guarenteed the memermaid lover in your life will be splashing these stickers about EVERYWHERE.


Price: $9.99

Where to buy: Cotton On

5. After all that sea salt, mermaid hair will need some loving.


Price: $24

Where to buy: Birchbox

6. LOVE these metalic coffee cups and I am sure your memermaid lover will be displaying these proudly in her mermaid cove.


Price: $26.00

Where to buy: Wings Hawaii Shop

7. No mermaid is complete without her mermaid cap sleeve t-shirt.


Price: $28.00

Where to buy: Wings Hawaii Shop

8. To cover up that perfect mermaid hair – and to hide from the general public, your mermaid will need this super sized floppy hat in their life.


Price: $15.00

Where to buy: ASOS

9. Even mermaids have to protect themselves from the sun – so why not do it fashionably?


Price: $8.00

Where to buy: Margarita Mermaid

10. Does the mermaid in your life need to de-stress from the mermaid life with some yoga? Then this Mermaid Sports Bra is for her.


Price: $50.00

Where to buy: Margarita Mermaid

11. Blue, shiny. Enough said.


Price: $65.00

Where to buy: Indie and Harper

12. I think all girls need this in their life. She won’t stop loving you…


Price: $65.00

Where to buy: Indie and Harper

13. If you’re a mermaid, you need accessories – and this floating shell is perfect for those lazy, summer days.


Price: $48.00 ( American Dollars)

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters

14. Look after that hair & get rid of that seaweed gurrlll.


Price: $35.00  ( American Dollars)

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters

15. Last but not least, when your mermaid lover is on land, she will need super cute pair of kicks to match her style.


Price: $49.95  ( American Dollars)

Where to buy:  Pavement Brands

Who says my dreams have to stay just my dreams – Quoted by Ariel from the little Mermaid, but said my mermaids all around the world.



My ‘Down South’ Western Australian essentials pack


My ‘Down South’ Western Australian essentials pack. Brought back from mum and dad ( love you guys!)

It was back to work this week. Had to mentally prepare myself for a few days i.e sit in a corner and rock back and forth. But this is why I go to work.. to save money.. to drive down the south Western Australian coast. Quite a simple equation really ( coming from someone who does not enjoy maths).

Mum and dad did go to for a few days to have a break or to ‘escape from me har har’ for a few days and I was lucky enough to receive a few magestic, happy snaps to help me dream away at my desk…. ( but yeah, as if I need help dreaming as it is … one powerball and I will be living down south ).

I was very blessed, as mum and dad did bring me back some goodies. CHRISTMAS ALL OVER AGAIN -.. I could hardly contain my excitement as me and my dog jumped up and down.

I made myself a tea, took out the Margaret River region magazine, went through my goodies and just took some time out for me – to soak in how lucky we are in Western Australia to live in such a beautiful place and also to plan my next holiday… watch out Margaret River.. I am coming from you!

Goodies came from:

  • Cape Lavender
  • Petra Olive Oil
  • Vasse Virgin

So as you can see from the above photo, this is MY PERSONAL down south essential pack.


Well the products down south are of such high quality and everything you touch, see and smell is made in the region. The essential pack showcases just what you are able to purchase down south and the purity of the products. You literally go on a journey picking up golden treasures – and that is what this essential pack is about. Good quality treasures from such a prestine part of the world. You never know what you might just stumble across..

My personal pack contains beauty products such as luscious soap and body lotion from Cape Lavender and Vasse Virgin ( full of wonderul smells of lavender – heavenly) and food items such as jam from Vasse Virgin, CHERRIES ( they have all gone now) and olive oil from Petra Olive Oil.

This pack is just a TASTE of what you are able to purchase down south.. and this taste.. makes me want more and more..

Look, I could continue to waffle on about how good the south coast of Western Australia is and why you should go, but I am not going to say to much more.

I am going to let the photos speak for themselves:


Beautiful Mealup beach. Makes you want to strip down to your bathers now and go for a dip.


Who would have thought… Lavender and Orange. But it sure does work. Delicious. I don’t think this will last long at all to be honest with you.


It is probably not a good thing, but I love oil. In my cooking I use a lot and there is nothing better then pure oil. Try this extra virgin olive oil from Petra.


My mummy having a cuppa for me. What a beautiful scene ❤


Citrus and rosemary marmalade… you  must buy & try.


One of the many scenic views of winies across the region.


Mum and dad sent through this mouth watering photo of  Shark Bay King Prawns from Palmers Winery. Just look at that quality, the colour. I nearly spat out my boring sandwhich when I received this.


Petra olive oil – full of flavour and very high quality.

Down south – I am pretty sure if there is a heaven, this is what it would look like.

DG xx

Some places to visit:

*Information taken from websites.

Vasse Virgin

Producer of olive oil skin care including soaps, moisturising lotions, massage oils, and skin balms in Margaret River. Olive oil gourmet food products.


Petra Olive Oil

Petra Olive Oil Estate is a boutique olive grove committed to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the finest quality.


Cape Lavender

Buy natural lavender essential oils, lavender skin care, lavender body products & lavender gourmet foods handcrafted with care in Margaret River, Western Australia.


Palmers Winery

Located in Margaret River; with award list, and ordering information.


The irresistible and simple 5 ingredient fish dish – YOU NEED TO TRY


The 5 ingredient fish dish – 20 minutes to cook & prepare.

Cooking fish seems complicated – doesn’t it. To be honest with you, it is not a meat that I choose to cook with regularly. But last night, after coming from work, I was a witness to an avalanche of social media inspired posts about fish through channels such as Instagram, Facebook & even Twitter. These dishes were a combination of Asian-inspired, Mediterranean and even Indian – with the star of the dish being fish. If there was ever a night to cook up fish, tonight was the night…. the seafood stars had aligned.

Now I was just cooking 4 small white fillets tonight, and was using 5 key STAR ingredients:

  1. Garlic
  2. Ginger
  3. Oil ( lots of 😉 )
  4. 1 red Chilli
  5. Spring onion

Love this flavour combo!

I love garlic… I feel utterly sorry for my beloved haha and had to apologise profoundly last night, but there is something about it that gives me instant satisfaction. Garlic to me is like a warm hug from nonna… there is just so much goodness to it, it can be hard at times to know when to stop…

To create this dish I used about 1 and a half tablespoons of garlic AND ginger and cut up the red chilli and spring onion. I placed all ingredients into a bowl and mixed together and then marinated the fish where I then proceeded to pan fry the fish for approximately 5 minutes on each side.  It honestly took about 30 minutes all up to prepare and cook.

And there was only one word for it: Scrumdiddlyumptious

The flavours were so refreshing and the mix is just perfect for a summers night! To go with fish, I created a tomato salsa with tomato’s (of course!) and red onion with a bit of parsley on top..

I swear that if you know how to cook fish… everyone will think that you are a commercial chef 😉 I had a few OOHs and AHHs at my dinner last night 😉

P.S. HAHA garlic and red onion…. No one came near me last night!



Moo-ving on. Cows Came, Saw & Conquered Perth.

I got the shock of my life when I bumped into cow A) – please see below. There I was, doing my thing, when all of a sudden, I saw this shadow out the corner of my eye. Was I seeing things, was there really a cow? Was I delirious…. was is that my blood sugar level had dropped and I was imagining things?

I looked over again and just stared. And then I looked away and looked back. and I did it once more time. AND OH no it was really there… It was not moving any where.

I was a’moo’sed. Perth has been in the midst of a COW PARADE… which is ending tomorrow! 


Cow A- Painted by Elizabeth Marruffo. Top of the cow has been scattered with pictures drawn by the Children at Princess Margaret Hospital in responde to their interpretation of the Taurus constellation. Click here for reference

So, why cows, I hear you asking? Why would Perth invest in a cow parade?

In order to answer that question, I had to do my own research..

According to the reference ‘cowparade‘, the Cow Parade Timeline started in 1999, in the town Chicago, Illinois, in the USA and since 1999, the parade has been staged in over 79 cities worldwide with over 250 million people have had the chance to view one of the famous cows. Over 10,000 artists worldwide has participated in CowParade and over $30 million has been raised through the auction of the cows.

Who doesn’t love a cow? That simple question was I am sure the reasoning behind why the cow was chosen as the canvas. Cowparade states that the ‘cow is a universally beloved animal’ and ‘represents different things to different people around the world.’

And this is the sentence that is the most important: ‘She simply makes everyone smile’. Which in this day and age, is what we need more of.


Cow B – Stumbled into the ‘Holy Cow’ designed by W.A. designer Poppy Lissiman. Poppy’s art contains many of her most famous motifs  including lips, evil eyes, serpents and hearts. Click here for source

According to Lord Mayor Lissa Scaffidi, the 40 life-sized fiberglass cows which are painted by celebrated and/or emerging local artists and fashion designers ‘offers unprecedented opportunity for visitors to access the City and explore its many treasures.’

As us Perthians are already aware, Perth is full of character and attractions, but unique events assist with attracting a broad range of visitors to Perth, helping retail sectors and businesses to flourish.

Personally, I think the concept is fantastic. Especially for families and for people who are lovers of art, or are interested in exploring the city. For me, it was a fun day, wandering around (dragging my beloved along) and stumbling into random cows. And every single time I saw one, I smiled and shouted ‘COW’. Got a few looks from doing that…  but hey, it is not every day you get to bump into a brightly coloured cow. But I wasn’t alone. There were children pointing and laughing, the romantics taking selfies and there were the families talking and observing.

What you witness, is a community, surrounded by cows, but a community non the less. And what exactly Perth needed before the Christmas festivities. Tomorrow, is the last day, as the event comes to a close after 6 weeks, but if you get the chance, go stumble into cows one last time and let them put a smile on your face.

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Cow C –  Meet Alister Yiap’s Luxury Lady. Inspired by the theme of mineral wealth, specific to Western Australia. And this cow would totally be me if I was a cow.. not because I am wealthy or have minerals, but because of my shine 😉 Click here for source


Cow D -Megan Salmon has developed an original digital fabric that is from a Pompeii mural which encompasses greenery and birds.  Click here for source

The Habour Master – Fremantle, WA: For those of you who <3 a hearty meal


Fresh, tasty & value for money. Will be back 🙂

This particular day, it was sunny and warm and I was wearing a summers dress with my sandals on… feeling relaxed and on top of the world (I was feeling fly like a g6… no track pants and messy hair bun today!) I was now on the hunt for a restaurant to compliment my current mood and attire… Fresh.

My beloved and I had a bit of a stroll around Fremantle and we decided to wander into “The Harbour Master”, located at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle. To be honest the large ” Try WA’s Best Steak Sandwich” sign enticed us…  yeah trust me.. you can’t miss it!

Now on the odd occasion, when my beloved and I go out to eat (for a romantic date), we can… at times… start with an argument ( hey we are both Italian.. bound to happen)…


My beloved: “Let’s get entrees.. what about this dish, this one and oh what about this one?”

Me: “No, love.. just main”..

My beloved: “Gr, we are definitely getting dessert then”…

Me: “Just choose a main”…

The issue is… my beloved is constantly hungry. And a main generally isn’t enough. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE when a small portion of food comes out is enough to make anyone look grim… so we tend to choose restaurants where WE KNOW we are going to get a hearty meal (i.e. Hungry Jacks). No but seriously,  somewhere you can leave satisfied.. you know the feeling you get when your mum has just made lasagne and you have the first taste… you know that satisfied feeling I am talking about!


Beautiful Surrounds of Fremantle @ The Harbour Master, Fremantle

This time round.. we just stuck to the mains and had a drink each.. yes we took a gamble and did not order entrées…


Friendly, attentive staff, comfortable seating, relaxing atmosphere and the most important part… HEARTY, DELICIOUS, FRESH FOOD.

Although the menu is relatively small, it has a good variety for a wide range of tastes. This time round, my other half got the Best Steak Sandwich (did not disappoint) with chips and I purchased the lamb salad.

Both were large portions and value for money. I think I should just end this conversation right here… BECAUSE what more could one want.

I tend to judge a restaurant if my other half doesn’t talk about going for lunch or dinner ROUND 2.. and hey this time he said nothing… Just a smile on his face, and a full belly… which is all I could ever ask for 🙂

Delicious. Will be back.


Pit (Coffee) Stop – Little Creatures, Next Door

On a very hot day ( a first in Perth for a while), my beloved and I decided to go for a stroll into Fremantle for some lunch and shopping ( ready to spend some $ bills – I don’t have).

It got to the 3pm mark and that was it… we both needed coffee.. then and there. Not sure about you, but it gets to that time of the day where I feel as though, I need to drink coffee in order to function (yes that is called being an addict) otherwise the speech gets slurred, the vision blurry… I can’t even remember my name anymore.


Nothing like a short macchiato to get the soul restarted.

I knew exactly where I wanted to go for a coffee (pit) stop. I could visualise the cafe and describe it – to exact details… but I couldn’t remember where it was. I took my beloved on a bit of a journey around Fremantle (showing him the sights of course), confidently explaining that I knew exactly where we were going…

After I finally remembered the name, my beloved just stared at me blankly, a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead.. ‘oh Little Creatures Next Door… It is right over there’… he fiercely pointed.

‘I knew that! Just testing your memory,’ I exclaimed.

Little Creatures Next Door is an addition to Little Creatures Fremantle Brewery – one of Perth’s premium craft brewers with a strong, reputation. What Little Creatures Next Door offers is european inspired decor with views of Fremantle harbour, a delicious tapas menu, a wide variety of drinks to choose and a space to unwind and escape the crowds.


Defiently worth the visit for a chilled Sunday session, lunch or coffee with friends, family or the beloved!

The space itself is abundant with a variety of chairs from stools to couches, and is a great space for a chilled Sunday sesh, lunch or coffee with friends, family or the beloved.

My partner and I chose to sit outside to take in the view and watch the world go by all while enjoying the sunshine. With an attentive waitress, we ordered a few coffees to revive our lost personalities.. and let’s just say the coffee is exactly what the doctor ordered..

Our time at Little Creatures next door was so pleasant and relaxing, we struggled to get off the seat when it was time to go.

Coffee round 2 anyone…

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# Day 1: The Darwin Lifestyle – Everything I expected it to be

Looking around at the accommodation, I was jumping for joy. Like a child, I ran to the different rooms and shouted out ‘this one is mine.’ The accommodation itself was a spacious 3 bedroom apartment and the rooms contained neutral colours which reflected the sunlight coming in, brightening the room naturally. It also had contained one very necessary item – ‘air conditioning’.

Once I had placed my suitcase down (what a struggle), I rummaged through to find my shorts and tank top. This meant that the jeans, jacket and boots were thrown off almost immediately.

Being a woman, it can be a real issue sometimes in knowing what to pack in your suitcase that you will be living out of – for sometimes weeks at a time. With Darwin, I was not too sure what to expect as even before I left, someone had mentioned that it was going to be raining. So in went the boots and the rain clothes, the long sleeve tops. I knew it was going to be hot, so I included the dresses and bathers. Then I needed to be able to control my hair at some point so in went the hair straightener, curlers and how can I forget the many varied toiletries. And before you know it… it is a 22 kg suitcase…

So just for future refernece .. yeah there is no need for jumpers, parkas, boots etc. With humidity reaching up to 95%… just leave that stuff at home… take it from me learning the hard way. And also, probably leave the make up at home.. yep it just melts away! 

Once I had my new summer attire on, it was time to take a walk around the Darwin Wharf. Stepping out of the apartment complex, we were immediately situated in a restaurant area where there were so many choices – Mexican, Italian, Modern Australia and South East Asian. It was approximately 4pm on a Friday and the wharf was buzzing. There were people of all ages walking, eating and exercising (yes, don’t ask) and enjoying the busy and energetic lifestyle. The wharf was alive – with the smells of food, music and people. If you enjoy people watching, then this is certainly the place for you…


Snap of the restaurants living the Darwin Wharf. So many options and choice avaliable.

Walking through the wharf area late in the afternoon was exactly what I expected the Darwin lifestyle to be about – chilled and relaxed. There was a cool breeze wafting through the palm trees which were planted in all directions. Surrounded by not only restaurants, but small retail shops, this is certainly an area… not for the adventurous (unless we are talking about food). To complete the wharf, there is a swimming lagoon and wave lagoon – with people of all ages and sizes swarming the areas. What I love about these two manmade lagoons is no chance of a crocodile (you hope! 😛 ).

Literally I have never sweated so much in my life so my fellow travellers and I stopped at a small ice-cream franchise called ‘trampoline’ to assist with the cool-down. Thank god we stopped here, because that ice-cream made my heart skip a beat. It was beautiful, and being an ice-cream connoisseur (yes, an expert judge in matters of taste when it comes to ice-cream), this hands down was one of the best Italian styled gelato in Australia. To my surprise, the gelato is made on site with real food ingredients and you could taste how fresh it was. Going for a combination (hey, I am on holiday…) I went for the passionfruit and coconut flavours. It was naturally creamy (just melted in my mouth – haha) and well worth the visit. It was a perfect setting – eating ice-cream in this balmy, tropical weather, watching the people go by. Ah bliss…


I think I found my #1 love. Creamy, full flavoured – trampoline icecream is a must try if you love Italian styled gelato

By the time 6pm came around I was ravenous. The only tough decision was what restaurant we were going to eat at. We headed towards a corner restaurant called ‘Wharf One’ who specialise in wood grill cooking and season local produce. We were greeted by a bubbly waitress who brought us to our table – overlooking the wharf area. With the sunset getting further into the distance, and the night sky warming up through the stars and the moon, Wharf One’s delicate fairy lights truly made the night magical.


The view for the evening – Magical.

Going through the menu, it was hard not to order everything – the menu was full of fresh produce, full of flavour. Finally we had placed our order, not before having a small chitchat to the very attentive waitress. “Yes, I have lived in Darwin for 2 years now”. “I have come from England and I have been travelling around Australia with my boyfriend.” “2 years… and I still can’t get used to the humidity!” My fellow traveller asked the young girl how she deals with the storms – ” honestly, you haven’t seen the true Darwin if you haven’t seen a storm.”  My fellow travellers and I just grinned at each other as if to say, Darwin – we will be back for your wet season.


Grilled fish & potato. Melts in your mouth.


Lamb shanks falling off the bone. Full of flavour.


Home made pasta with juicy prawns.


Entree. Grilled, succulent prawns. Meatballs with a tangy delicious mustard sauce and crispy home made bread coming – straight from the ovan. Don’t think life honestly could get better!

Being allergic to shellfish is the worst… especially when succulent, wood grilled tiger prawns were staring at me on the table. From what I heard from my fellow travellers – they were just as I had expected them to be – succulent and juicy. We also order meat balls with this tangy, smooth mustard sauce (I was literally licking the sauce off the plate – it was that good!) We also received complementary bread and I don’t know about you, but when I receive homemade bread straight from the oven with homemade butter – I literally can see myself wafting straight up to heaven!

Our sweet moscato complemented our food perfectly and our mains arrived not too long after our waitress cleared the table. My lamb shanks were falling off the bone while my fellow travellers ordered pasta with prawns and grilled fish. The authenticity and creativity of the meals, combined with the full flavours, friendly staff,  a balmy night and the fact that it is all local produce makes for one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Now to go for that after dinner walk around the wharf to be one of those people & exercise ( hey I need to make room for tomorrow!).

It is only day one in Darwin and it has already exceed expectations…. I don’t think I will be going home ( ever).

Touching down in Darwin

As soon as we left the airport I could feel the heat. Boy it was hot. My thick, long hair was starting to frizz with the humidity and I was starting to swelter in my jeans and light jacket – my cheeks already glowing red. Entering the airport, we were greeted by this delightful man named Jason who would be picking us up and dropping us to our accommodation.

Almost as soon as we had met him, he went on to explain that he was on his 8thcup of coffee as he was on a smoothie and coffee diet as he had to lose his ‘gut’. He chattered away, explaining that in Darwin, everything is done on Darwin time whilst looking me directly in the eyes and mentioning, “don’t let me forget to bring my IPad with me, as there have been many, many times where I have forgotten it in the trolly”. He went onto proclaim, “but… nobody has taken it, probably because they are either too lazy or slow to move”, concluding with a deep, echoing laugh.

Finally getting our luggage, Jason proceeded to guide us through the sea of hot, sweaty people, warmly greeting the local folk as he passed by. He exclaimed to one passerby, “aren’t I lucky, with these two good looking birds by my side.” Welcome to Darwin, I chuckled to myself.

Driving through Darwin, a sense of excitement buzzed through my body. Although in Australia, I felt as though I was in another country. I was beginning to see a trend with green palm trees and red dirt. Jason screamed at me in the car, “You forgot to remind me about my Ipad.” “Ohmygosh, I am so sorry”, I immediately apologised. “Already on Darwin time, eh?”He laughed, “don’t worry – I remembered myself this time!” Throughout the 20 minute drive from the airport to our accomodation, he went on to discuss how beautiful Darwin is – one of the best places in the world according to his Danish wife. “The people here are friendly, the food – fresh and unique, and the country side – something that you will never forget”. “But”, he paused for a moment, “be careful of the crocodiles, especially as you have been warned by a local”.

53Trees and shrubs planted on nature strips provide shade, beauty, privacy and wind protection.

According to http://northernterritory.com/, ‘there are more crocodiles in the Northern Territory than anywhere else in the world”. This means being ‘crocwise’ and avoiding saltwater and freshwater areas, where there is a high chance of an attack.

Staring out the window of the car, Jason knocked me back into consciousness, proclaiming that we were at our destination – ‘the Wharf’. He managed, somehow, to get my heavy luggage out of the car and farewelled us, until the next time! I was so excited; my eyes lit up like the sun that was shining down. It was a feeling thankfulness for being in this city, a city that has so much culture and history. Bring it on Darwin.


View for today!

39Welcome to Darwin … do I need to say anymore?

‘How’s the Serentiy’


I love a good sunset. The colours. The fact the day is coming to a close and a new one is not far in the horizons. A new day means new possibilities, new chances.

Sunsets make me reflect on the day that has been. They make me still and quiet. I stop thinking. I just stare and focus on the beautiful imagery in front of me.

It makes me happy. Sunsets are my little ray of sunshine.

This photo was taken in Yallingup, Western Australia while I was unwinding from a busy day of being on holiday. It was the perfect setting. The colours contrasting, the still movement of the trees and the birds chirping ever so softly in the background.

If anyone is familiar with the movie ‘ the Castle’ .. The photo reminded me of this quote from Mr Kerrigan ‘ So much serenity’.

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South West is the Best! My 5 Top Things to do when Visiting the South West!

I just recently returned from my family holiday in the South West region of Western Australia.. This is my journey 🙂


Enjoying the white sandy beaches of the South West – working on my tan..

When I was little we used to go on family holidays to the South West. My brother and I were water babies so we used to live and breathe the beach, getting dunked constantly by the waves ( this still happens) and building great big sand castles.

But I don’t think you really appreciate anything 100% until you grow up. As a young adult, this family vacation was different, I finally realised that everything I loved was right in front of me. Great, beautiful produce, long, magical drives, deep, bright sunsets. Welcome to the South West.

Whether you are from WA, Interstate or even out of country – the South West is a place that you can explore and make your own adventure. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are pure. You can snorkel, surf and watch for whales. The roads are smooth and carry you to destinations beyond your imagination. Down South is full of fruity wines, delicate nougat and jams, olive oils, lavender sugar and the most beautiful FRESH PRODUCE, guaranteed.

Top 5 Things to do when Travelling Around the South West 

  1. Water Fun – Spend an afternoon swimming and snorkeling at one of the many white, calm sandy beaches. Think Meelup & Eagle Bay in Dunsborough.
  2. Visit the famous Busselton Jetty – This jetty is a coastal icon and is the southern hemisphere’s longest timber piled structure and home to the world renowned Underwater Obsevatory. Jump on the train for a scenic trip almost 2km out into Geographic bay.
  3. Treat yourself to a long winery lunch – The South West is home to a wine region that is one of the best on the planet. There is no better way to savour the fruits of the SW’s unique wine making culture than a long, lazy lunch at one of the many, wineries. For more information head to: http://www.margaretriver.com/wine-gourmet/wineries/
  4. Explore Ancient Cave’s –  Explore World famous hidden limestone cave systems that were formed around 1 million years ago and find out what ‘cave dark’ really means.
  5. Watch a Sunset/ Sunrise – Watch the day turn into night or get up early to witness the start of a new day around one of the major coastal points.

Meelup – One of Dunsborough’s finest beaches. Clear, crystal blue warm waters. Enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade.


Visit one of the many unique wineries to enjoy the fresh produce and culinary expertise. The South West’s wine region is the best in the world!


Visit the world famous Busselton Jetty surrounded by crystal blue waters. The jetty is complete with an Underwater Observatory which has been voted the ‘No 1 Aquarium in the South Pacific’ by Trip Advisior! After your swim, head to one of the local restaurants for your traditional ‘fish & chips!’


Photograph some of the most unique and wonderful photographic opportunities. In the South West, you never know what you might stumble across – so get snapping! 🙂


Wine galore. Sit down, relax and enjoy the wonderful wines of the South West. Go for a drive to the many unique and wonderful wineries to discover new flavours.

Click here to watch my video on the south west! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKoBMyivuys

If you would like more information, don’t be hesitant to contact me! All photos were taken by me 🙂

There will be more information coming – stay tuned !

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Crystal Blue : A Day at the Beach

Sandy feet, wind through your hair, the smell of sunscreen and oil: welcome to the beach.

Beautiful day – except wrong choice of clothing. I decided to wear a purple, ballerina style skirt. As soon as I got to the beach, the wind caught my skirt and up it went. I had to hold it down the whole walk! Never again…

Fashion tip – always remember the beach is windy….

I love the beach – so therapeutic. Sometimes it is the simple things in life which is all your need. That is what happiness is most of the time – simplicity.


Welcome.. to the beach 😀 A life saying cliche – but enjoy every moment!


Can you see the sea?


Looking into the deep blue. If you need inspiration – I think you may have just found it!


Pathway to serenity.


The notorious purple skirt!


Just biking about town.


Woof! This friendly fella came up and said hi! I think he wanted to show us what he found 🙂

Happiness for me is the first run into the ocean in summer where I am hit by the cool, crisp ocean OR the first bite of chocolate  that you have been craving the whole day OR that dog that runs up to say hello OR the time your partner just looks at you straight in the eyes and says ‘ I LOVE YOU’ OR when you are with your family, relaxed and laughing – playing crosswords.

THAT is my happiness 🙂

Sometimes a trip to the beach to clear your head, mind and spirit – is all you need!

DG xx



Strawberry Milkshake (Literally)


#Relationship goals… 😛

I have started my little digital doodles… helps me unwind after work. Just a bit of fun 🙂

I am going to have a rant now: why can’t people just be nice to each other? I don’t understand? Is it that hard to say hello in the morning or ask someone how their day is going. No, I don’t think it is. It is not that hard to acknowledge someone and ask them how their day is going. I say this often.. but be kind to each other… you don’t know what the other person is going through and no one deserves to be bullied whether it is at school or in a work place. If people weren’t so shit to each other, many the human race could accomplish something more.. yet everyone is so hateful over the smallest things…

Rant over.

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Tickled Pink


It was rainy and grey today and as I stared out the window I thought to myself that I should probably invest my time in online shopping. With no funds to buy anything, I decided anyways to fill my shopping bag full of goodies and just leave it there, until hopefully the company either removes my bag or I happen to save some funds to buy my ‘investment pieces’.

I found this beautiful, pale pink dress from Forever New (10.) that made me think of marshmallows, pillows and clouds. But most importantly it is a perfect length dress for work and is an elegant and graceful style. Team it with a warm nude or pastel coloured winter coat with a scarf and beanie and it will compliment the ‘winters day’ look perfectly.

I love the new glitter coated flask from T2 (1.), perfect for those cold winter days where you just want to continuously drink tea, soup and hot chocolate. And if you are at work and need some inspiration for the day, what about investing in an A1 desk Mat like number 8. Sure the world map will probably make you drift into a deep daydream about travel and food but at least you are happy?

I have a love hate relationship with winter. Half of me is like yes, the earth needs rain- bring it. While the other half of me wants to be in bed all day, cuddled up with a hot water bottle and my teddy and pretend that work and commitments do not exist.

But hey, at least I have this pink dress to prepare me for the day! (lol I don’t- but one can dream…)

1. Glitter Flask Rose $20.00

2. Stella Pop Earrings $4.95 (Bargin)

3. Hilary Handbag $59.99

4. Alanna Butterfly Sunglasses $29.99

5. Stella Mid Point Heels $34.95

6. Rose Metal Detail Ballet Flats $29.95

7. Archer Pencil Case $9.95

8. A1 Desk Mat 39.95

9. 2016 Financial Year Diary 19.95

10. Elena Cap Sleeve Dress $59.95

Winner Winner

I have been sick lately- got food poisoning ( dam you chicken!!!) & just generally have not been feeling too well. So there I was moping around the house.. crying a little etc etc. When I received a message on Instagram-

“hello @ thatlittleyellowdress.. just letting you know that you have won a competition. Please respond back to us ASAP- OpenhousePerth.

WOAH- WHAT! I was so excited!!

Approximately a month ago there was an event in my city to go around and explore buildings and architecture. The event itself was called ‘Open House’ and it gave you the opportunity to meet and greet architects and navigate in and out of buildings in the city learning about the buildings origin, why the designers did what they did and future decisions.

I went bymyself.. and honestly I felt like I was a tourist in my own city. I had my snap back hat on, backpack, camera and map out- oh and water bottle..

One of the themes of the competition was so capture the people of the city.. So I literally was just waiting around in the heart of the city, in my little tourist outfit- pretty much being a bit of a stalker.. trying to capture the right moment- when the city was buzzing and alive.


The winning photo is in the top left hand corner and the rest are a compilation of what the city has to offer. For more photos and a detailed description head to my instagram at thatlittleyellowdress

You will not regret it!!

Talk soon

Dani xx

That Summer Loving Smoothie


Mm Smoothie- the key to my heart. I swear if a boy came up to me with a smoothie; I would fall in love with him there and then! I can’t get enough..

This little gem is one of my favourites- the combination is like ying and yang.

1- banana
1- cup of strawberries
1 & 1/2 – cups of Milk ( you can use almond, skim, hi-lo, lactose-free, full cream- what ever floats your boat really!)
1 – tablespoon of almonds
1/2- teaspoon of chia seeds
1/2- teaspoon of cinnamon ( gift from the heavens- i could eat cinnamon on anything!)
1-table spoon of maple syrup
4 to 5- ice blocks

Blend together.. BLEAHHHHH ( thats my blending noise)

And WAHH LAAA- a nutritious drink that looks as good as it will make you feel !!





Wise Words


This is the Truth. Listen to Elizabeth Taylor ladies.
I am loving this skirt from ally, such a steal too.. only $19.95 (ERMAGAWD). Black, white and red are your classic colours. They all work well together and you can never go wrong- only red hot right !

D x

1. Maring Crombie Coat $99.95-forevernew.com.au
2. Modo Stripe Jersey Midi Pencil $19.95-forevernew.com.au
3. Chantelle cut out bra top $29.95-forevernew.com.au
4. Frankie Wallet $29.99- forevernew.com.au
5. Creamy Matte Lip Colour $44.00 ( Hollywood Red)- bobbibrown.com.au
6. Sassy Chain Felt Fedora $44.99- forevernew.com.au
7. Brightening Finishing Powder- Bronze Glow $72.00- bobbibrown.com.au
8. Eva Faux Fur Small Bag $44.95-forevernew.com.au
9. Lauren Heel Dress Shoe- target.com.au $79.00
10. Lucy Ankle Strap Heel $69.99- forevernew.com.au

The City of Mystery

The city of Mystery

Yes, I am a day dreamer.. I go to work and wish (literally cross my fingers and toes that I will wake up in Greece or Brazil or Russia, Istanbul, America, Sydney or Italy). But no, sadly my day dreams end and I am back at my computer screen, zonked out, staring at a screen and pretending to know what I am doing..

Sigh.. and I can’t even save my money because it goes on car insurance or petrol or food to feed myself. But that is ok, I can continue to dream away and hopefully win lotto to fuel my vivid imagination.. Dam it why can’t I love WORK!! Oh that is right, because it isn’t SWITZERLAND or SPAIN…

Tonight, my imagination took me to Venice,the city of mystery and love. The statues are perfectly preserved and the art works are yet to show any signs of ageing unlike the wrinkles on my forehead. The outfit for this trip- think contrasting colours, a simple skater dress, a floppy yellow dress, high heels that flaunt your freshly painted red toe nails. Be bold, be confident- wear patterns on patterns. Venice is a city that doesn’t make sense, so enjoy the inspiration.

Set the scene… you are in St Mark’s Square, surrounded by pigeons.. you drop your bag, go to pick it up and you bump into a beautiful, gorgeous creature (Italian man). Drop dead gorgeous.. “Scusi bella”- he muses at you in his lush Italian accent. You giggle and stare into his deep brown eyes that sink into his soul. Time has stopped. The ice cream in your hand is melting- but you don’t twitch, the pigeons are gawking- but you ignore. You are right in this moment.. in Venice, the city full of unresolved problems, just staring at this man who you know oh so little about but want to know oh so much more. He tugs at you to know your name, but you blush and look down. The sun is setting and is hitting the boats in the harbour creating an array of light and colour. His eyes are glowing, his hand on your forearm is warm..

Ha to be continued… Blame my early start tomorrow boo.

Dream & be passionate.


The Easter Bunny Arrived


WISHING you all a very Happy Easter… this is one of the only years I have actually had the luxury of celebrating Easter, because I AM ALWAYS AT WORK!!!!@@ CAN”T the shops be shut for ONE DAY.. ONE!!!! I mean not every single person wants to join in on consumerism… we do want a break from shopping thanks retail mongrels! & if we love it so much… we can always go onto your on-line store. #RANT #OVER

But since I had the opportunity to finally be with my family for Easter this year, I decided to tap into my creativity and make the table all prrrrrettttttttttty. Think pinks and whites, and spots and pearls. Tea Cups and bunnies and glitter galore. My favourite was the bunny napkins!! Easter is just another reason to be merry, eat good food and drink good wine. Be with family and friends, talking and laughing.. I can’t think of anything better..

Hope you had a lovely Easter or day off if you don’t celebrate…

Enjoy the Photos.

DG x

easter bunny



French Riviera Inspiration


I woke up today feeling French Riviera inspired…

Eating macarons, seafood and drinking wine ( lots of wine). All I wanted to do was waltz down the French coastline, with a glass bottle of lemonade and preferably a fluffy dog, and a hunky male ( that could speak french, ofc). Ok so that does not happen in real life unless you’re super hot and famous ( Jennifer Lawrence, some Victoria Secrets Model), but that is ok… because we can still dress up and pretend that we are in the French Riviera ( dam it,,, if only- if only!)

For this inspired outfit, I wore a polka dot short sleeved shirt with denim shorts, white canvas shoes and cat eye sunglasses. & ofc I had to wear my big floppy hat. Would not be a proud outfit to showcase without it!




D x



The one, the only, the original BANANA SMOOTHIE! I was craving one so badly today… & we finally had bananas that were ripe enough to make a smoothie with. I was so happy, I literally had tears pouring down my face. You get days like that.. where you don’t want anything else except a BANANA SMOOTHIE.

The secret ingredients:

1 Banana
1/2 cup milk ( if you want to go healthy opt for almond or skim/ but I used hi-lo)
1/2 vanilla yoghurt
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of honey ( I love this stuff)
A good handful of almonds ( Don’t add if you’re allergic to nuts)
Some ice blocks

Mix it all together, and you will have gooey, gooey goodness!

D x




Sweet as a Blueberry


Oh the humble blueberry. Sweet, precious, small- but don’t underestimate size.. this petite fruit is a power ball full of energy and nutrients. Nothing better than to make a smoothie from them if you want a nutritious, sweet drink on a warm autumns day!

1 Cup of Milk
2 tablespoons of honey
1/2 cup blue berries
greek blueberry yoghurt
4 blocks of ice

Blend all together.. and you will have an afternoon pick me up! I will let the photos do the talking…




DG xx

The Golden Vodka

The Golden Vodka



When I went to Europe, almost seven months ago- (***screams in horror***- where has time gone?), my cousin begged me to bring back the ultimate tourist souvenir all the way from Vienna… the golden vodka. Orange vodka, full of gold flakes. I was so dam excited for this vodka. You actually have no idea. My cousin had built it up to an extreme.

Cousin: ” Oh wow, I got magical powers when I had a sip of this stuff”.
Cousin: ” YOU have no idea, that night, when I sculled the bottle, a beautiful man on a horse took me away for the night- and we made love under the full moon.”
Cousin: “When I had a shot of that gold vodka; I won the lotto.”

So yeah, I had high hopes for this alcoholic beverage.

I literally told family members to stay AWAY OR ELSE. I hid it so no one could touch it. I brought it with me everywhere (lol not to that extreme), but I was so paranoid that I wasn’t going to be there for the grand opening.

To cut a long story short, when I went away for the week with the fam, I brought my drink down with me… yes, cuddling it in the car. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to drink this drink- and all of my magical, wildest wishes would come true.

I waited for the LAST DAY- my grandad was shocked when I said that it was time. I had taken some selfies with it, said my goodbyes, and opened the bottle. I poured it out evenly to each family member, and we all clicked our glasses together, “CHEERS”, for goodluck..

OH MY GOD,,, don’t believe everything your cousin tells you.

I Nearly died from disgust.

Let’s just say don’t judge a book by its cover.



Heaven in a glass


Oh the irresistible, sweet mango. The perfect flavoursome banana. The tangy passionfruit.

Mix them together… and you will have heaven in a glass.

1 cup of mango
1 banana
quarter of a cup of passion fruit
tablespoon of honey
1 and a half cups of milk
6 icecubes

Finish off with a teaspoon of passion fruit for decoration.

Refreshing, healthy, thick, oh so gooey. Takes you to the land of the tropics.







Fiesta in your plate

Originated originally from a lagoon in Valencia on the east coast of Spain in the mid 19th century, paella is deemed the national dish of the Spanish by non- Spaniards. There are three known types of paella; Valencia Paella, Seafood Paella & mixed paella. Valencia Paella generally contains white rice, green vegetables, meat, beans & seasoning. Mixed paella is essentially a combination of land animals, seafood, vegetables and occasionally beans. Tonight I cooked Seafood paella which is made up of seafood and omits beans and green vegetables. Except, I changed the recipe ever so slightly, since I had to use what was in the fridge! No wasting food right!! I added chicken, and took out the seafood- since I am allergic. I cooked the prawn’s separately, so I could add them in after for my family. The family absolutely loved this dish, as it is moist, appetising, the flavours are strong & it is spicy. It goes down well with an icy, cold glass of red, dry wine. That is what is fun about paella, you can use a range of ingredients which you can pick and chose to your own discretion.

It is a fiesta in your plate! Enjoy this wonderful dish which originated from a prominent, fun, hard-working, family orientated culture.






For this delicious recipe & ingredients please go to: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/2452/paella
Information regarding the history of paella please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paella

DG xx

Juicy, Juicy Watermelon

End product.

Yum, I love frappes at the moment- so colourful, fresh, healthy, nutritious- oh the list goes on. My dad went to the grocery store today and bought a lot of watermelon. I love it. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a mid night snack. I have eaten seeds so I can hopefully grow a watermelon in my stomach.. free watermelon.. 😉 ! So we had so much watermelon, I made myself a frape for something different!

This recipe is perfect for a hydrating, refreshing drink and of corse- simple ingredients:
1 cup of apple juice
1 cup of watermelon
squeeze of lime juice
8 mint leaves
1/2 Lebanese cucumber
6 iceblocks

Blend together & enjoy icy cold

DG xx





Since it has been seven months since I have graduated & no job- the post graduate lifestyle means that I have time for breakfast and can make myself something yummy to eat. And hey at least I can say I achieved something great for the day!

My all time favourite way to start the day that doesn’t take much time at all! Which is the way we like it here @thatlittleyellowdress- easy, convenient & yummy.

Ingredients to buy:
Vanilla yoghurt

Mix and match different fruits for your own interesting flavours.
But banana & peach in my mind are the perfect combination of flavours, that will sizzle in your mouth.

Have a great weekend!

DG xx

“You will love me”- says this quick breakfast idea.

Goodmorning Sunshine

Breakfast is the best time of the day and I started mine on a high note- simple but effective.
Orange juice, Boiled egg & soldiers ( I used wholemeal toast cut into thin strips) & I always start my morning with a tea- always English breakfast!

Hope you enjoy your day, don’t forget to add some sunshine into your life with thatlittleyellowdress on instagram for quirky photos that will brighten up your day !


DG xx

Goodmorning Sunshine

Oh Hail Shrek

Girl meets boy #hopelessromantic #inlove #princess#fiona#shrek#only#in#fairytales#universalstudios#travel#love#happy#heistheone#lol#mwah#marriage #honeymoon#shrekbaby?

Girl meets boy #hopelessromantic #inlove #princess#fiona#shrek#only#in#fairytales#universalstudios#travel#love#happy#heistheone#lol#mwah#marriage #honeymoon#shrekbaby?

I think it is evident to say that the Shrek Series has taught as all some very wise, moral thoughts. I believe that children’s movies, similar to Shrek are designed to make us take a step back at our busy, stressful lives and revaluate more important aspects. Society has become too focused on looks- every second person I hear now has had their breasts done. My friend the other day just brought it up in conversation that his friend went for an operation to get her breasts surgically enhanced. He said it ever so casually, as if it is expected by women or it is the norm. “Eh no big deal, just getting her breasts done.” It is almost if society judges women who don’t have their breasts made biggger, and are ‘natural’.
When I look at myself in the mirror- I am always weary of how I can make myself look better, whether it is plucking that one socio pathetic fray hair from my eye brows, or adding some more mascara on. In the work office- the talk is always centred on beauty and looks. “ Oh, she is naturally pretty.” “She has got gorgeous features.” “I would die to be like her.” It is just interesting when you take a step back some days and go back through and take time out to listen to what other women say about each other.
Photoshop and other software editing programs allow us so easily to be women fit for the front cover of a magazine. “Oh, I will just add some shadows to this photo to bring out my eyes.” “ Oh my teeth are not white enough, let me brighten them.” I am guilty of photo editing. As soon as I get tagged in a photo, I start to sweat and immediately de-tag. Have you been on Instagram recently? Every second person is either dresses in lingerie or nothing. These are women, sisters, daughters & mothers.

We are trapped in a society that offers no help of escaping. It is a merry-go- round, that won’t be stopping any time soon- continuously fuelled by the media & celebrities. Just look at Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball… I don’t even need to say anymore.
Shrek has encompassed morals that should stick & stay with us. I could go on forever and give you an in-depth insight to the underlying values of the story of Shrek. But you won’t read that. The main point is, we are all beautiful on the insider, no matter what bully has told us otherwise. It is important to stay happy and healthy, but don’t give into the media and peer pressure. Stay true to yourself, be strong and stand up for your rights.

Beauty is not everything. We don’t have beauty for ever. What stays with us are our morals, dignity and self-respect. Staying healthy (both mentally & physically) is everything. And don’t judge from the front cover. Some of the most ugliest people have been deemed beautiful on the outside.

Anyways food for thought!
Comment away with your thoughts,